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Marjan Verschraegen

Born in Ghent, Belgium 28th of May 1975.


Studied Publicity and three-dimensional art at St.-Lucas academy, Ghent.

At a later age (2004), Marjan started studying photography. 1 year later, she was awarded for her entry in the Coke Light & Seduction competition and exhibited in the museum of photography in Antwerp-Belgium. In 2006 she worked together with Carl Dekeyzer (MAGNUM) on a project of the Flemish Primitives, which was a great experience. After getting her Bachelor degree, she took some time to reflect, questionned her work and herself. She started travelling to break limits. Iceland, India, France, Gulf of Mexico...

The result was a strong need to go back to the basics of life and nature - on every level – which brought her back to the most primitive way of photography, the Camera Obscura.

After visiting The Gulf Of Mexico several times (and having a strong affection with this region), she decided to work on The Oil Spill disaster (2010) and finish her Master Degree (2011).


2012 would be a new beginning.


She married singer/songwriter Elaine Petty and moved permanently to Alabama, USA.

Her affection for the environment and going back to “the basics of life”, continued to inspire her and resulted in her present project ‘OCEANTRASH’.

‘OCEANTRASH’ is a mix of 'pure photography', 'graphic design' and 'performing activism'.

‘OCEANTRASH’ is still finding it’s shape and will soon set a statement for saving our oceans and bringing global awareness about protecting our natural resources.

Marjan is currently working for Coastal Resouces, City of Orange Beach, AL



I'm a dreamer - realist - activist - romantic soul - always in for new and different - colorful - seeking for words - transgressing - quiet waiting - soul searching - RED - simple - instinctive ...


With this description of my soul I try to sculpture my life, always looking for myself and a way to show people something with an abstract feeling. Searching for a word, resulting in an image. I go with the light without lots of technique. I never know what will come, a surprise, mix of emotions, ideas and the present.

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